The Top 3 Things you should know before buying a car.

Buying a car can A daunting task for anyone especially if you’re inexperience. Today you will find a list of the top 3 things you should know before buying a car. This will help ease the stress of the whole car buying experience and put you in the best position to negotiate for the best possible price.

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Check Your Credit Score

If you are planning to finance your vehicle check your credit score before going to the dealership. Many times, your price will be determined based on your credit. For an example someone with good credit may be eligible for a low APR. Many car dealerships that display the monthly payment is assuming good credit. If you have bad credit this does not mean you can’t purchase a vehicle with a loan, rather with a higher monthly price. I would recommend that you seek preapproval before going to the car dealership. This mean one less thing that you’ll have to negotiate, the interest rate. You now become a cash buyer. According to , cash buyers are better.


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Check the Car’s History.

If you are purchasing a used car always check the history of the vehicle. Many used car shopping sites provide the needed VIN# on the sales page. You can used sites like to check the history. This allows you to shop with confidence that there are no hidden problems. If you are buying a car that has been in two accidents, you should know about it and make and informed decision. Not to say that there is anything wrong with an accident repaired car, but only to say that by knowing you can be extra cautious. These types of reports typically inform you on major accidents, open recalls, service history, warranty information, mileage rollover, flood damage, branded a lemon, ownership history among other helpful information.

Check Your Trade in Value.

If you plan on trading in your car or truck don’t let the dealer tell you what the car is worth. You should know the trade in value and resale value. You should also understand the difference. Many people select to trade in their car and except less money for it since they don’t want to fool around with the car selling process and making the car ready for resell. If you don’t mind making needed repairs, advertising your car for sale, negotiating with buyers and having patience through the whole process; selling your car yourself typically will yield the highest value. Website like Kelley Blue Book can really get you a sense of the value (trade in or resell) ahead of time so you know if you’re getting a fair offer. Remember the use car dealership is a business with a goal of making money…ie buying low selling high to make a profit. Consider that the dealer will have to do all that you were not willing to do, fix, advertise, sell, and pay commissions.


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